How You Can Invest in Private Companies – For as Little as $50

You may recognize Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank.

He has teamed up with me because, up until recently, it was only people like him and his fellow “sharks” who could take part in the incredible companies you see on Shark Tank.

But thanks to a new law out of Congress, YOU can get in on similar private opportunities, too.

And unlike Robert, you don’t need to be on TV or be willing to invest thousands to get involved.

For as little as $50, you can become a “shark” yourself starting right now.

In a recent videoRobert and I walked viewers through exactly how you can do it right. Many were skeptical at first, but now, they’re ready to get started.

Even better, Robert and I will show you how you could access two private opportunities per month, like the ones you see on Shark Tank.

Viewers will have a chance to join the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network where hundreds of new profiles are being created every day.

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