Top 3 ways to Getting started with Angel investing in less than 30 minutes

For some people, Angel investing is a full time job and it takes good time and effort to choose your investments carefully, especially if you are investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you do it carefully, such investments would yield significant returns. If you do it well, you will be a millionaire soon.

(For an in depth analysis and steps to follow to be a good Angel investor, I recommend Jason Calcanus’s awesome book Angel. You can get it for free when you signup to join the Angel’s & Entrepreneurs Network… I’ll tell you more about that shortly.)

If you’re fascinated with Angel investing and would like to get started, you could get started with investing with a group of ‘Angel syndicates’. Such syndicates pool smaller chunks of money from multiple investors, create a bigger pool and invest in early stage startups. Syndicates often have a better bargaining power, because the smaller chunks of money add up to significant investment sums. This gives them bargaining power to get better deals than any small-time individual investor could.

These Angel syndicates are often lead by seasoned Angel investors like Neil Patel (left) or Robert Herjavec (Right), who are well invested in the process, and have significant insights about the technologies and success prospects of startups.

[Left to Right: Mike Ward, Neil Patel, Robert Herjavec at the Angel’s & Entrepreneurs Summit. You can watch a broadcast here, and I highly suggest you do. But you should continue reading first.]

Some syndicates usually charge a fee, usually a small percentage of the investment (collected at the time of investment), for the legal work involved in leading an operating the syndicate, and then a percentage of the profit, when the startup gets an exit or when a buyer interested in purchasing your startup stock, makes a private purchase.

Apart from the syndicates lead by seasoned investors, there are three major platforms where investors could look at the startups with investment needs, and private pre-IPO companies alike, and choose to invest along with other investors into an investment fund typically lead by ‘Lead’ investors or the ‘platform’ itself.

Often, these platforms and memberships can be risky without guidance.

And often only allow accredited investors.

But during the live broadcast of the Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit, Neil and Robert show investors how they can invest with just $50.

That’s part of what makes the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network is powerful.

According to Robert, it’s the only way he could have ever generated the $30 million he received from an initial $100 “investment.”

Of course he’s had a life of fortune, and he owes much of our success to the deals he’s struck in this private market.

And now he wants to pay it forward.

During the Angels and Entrepreneurs Summit, Robert and Neil reveal:

  • How to access this private market and how it gives you the chance to partner with the next Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs.
  • The risks and rewards that come with backing startups.
  • The 1,000X Formula, which helps you determine whether or not a private deal could hand you a 1,000X windfall.
  • The details on two private deals they’re backing right now…

If you want to know more about the Angels & Entrepreneurs Network, or watch a rebroadcast of the Angels and Entrepreneurs Summit (Aired Live on June 25th). Click here.


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