Man Who Called NVIDIA’s Rise Makes Big 5G Prediction

“Verizon alone is expected to spend as much as $18 billion in 2019 alone to complete their 5G network.

And the rest of the world is hot on their heels.”

A few weeks ago, one of Silicon Valley’s most successful angel investors, Jeff Brown, made history.

To a live audience just off campus of Yale University, he revealed the technology behind a device worth a potential $100 billion.

To our knowledge, this is the first time it’s been shared with the public.

Jeff is predicting this will become the biggest tech investment of 2019.

Right now, 5G related stocks are popping. Riding a sea-change of technology.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s about to happen when 5G rolls out to billions of people.

Click here to watch Jeff’s presentation on The Number One Tech Stock for 2020.


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