Tech Legend Reveals His No. 1 Pick for 2020

Mobile networks like T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, China Satcom and, Vodafone…

Cell phone makers like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung…

And giant companies like Lockheed Martin, L3, and Facebook…

They’re all preparing for a major shift in 5G technology.

Everything you’ve heard about 5G is true.

Except for one critical piece of news that’s been kept from the public.

Until now that is.

For the first time, this critical 5G story will be shared with individuals like you.

In fact, this 5G story has to do with something called the “5G Master Key”.

Sure you’ve heard about driverless cars, remote surgeries, and faster download speeds…

Basically, these technologies cannot exist without 5G.

But here’s what most people don’t know.

5G itself can’t exist without the “master key.”

Before you can have 5G in your home or on the road, this “master key” needs to unlock it.

That’s according to E.B. Tucker, a successful tech investor.

He’s been to DARPA, the tech arm of the Department of Defense, and rubbed shoulders with countless scientists and engineers.

And Mr. Tucker believes the “5G Master Key” will be the most sought-after technology for 2020.

From an investment standpoint… here’s what’s interesting…

The “5G Master Key” is owned by one tiny company with 124 patents.

In the video below, Mr. Tucker reveals everything he knows about the “5G Master Key”…

Including details on the tiny company who owns it.

Simply click here to see Mr Tucker’s No. 1 tech pick for 2020.


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