5G… The Best Investment for 2020?

5G started its rollout in the U.S. and has sparked a once-in-a-generation buying opportunity.

T-Mobile turned on its low-band 5G network Dec 2nd, suddenly covering 200 million Americans with 5G service.

Companies like Facebook, Alphabet, and Amazon are secretly making massive 5G investments.

Qualcomm is now predicting that potential global economic output enabled by 5G technology could reach a staggering $13.2 trillion.

One legendary technology investor is calling 5G the number one investment of the decade.

You see this groundbreaking technology has the potential to make over 266 million smartphones become obsolete forcing nearly every American to switch over to this new “5G Device.”

And he believes the company behind this device has the potential to be the #1 Tech Stock of 2020.

I think every investor should know about this technology and why I’ve put together a “5G Cheat Sheet” including 3 additional companies that could take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity.

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